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Investment Casting Capabilities

Investment casting, also known as the lost wax casting process, allows for tighter cast tolerances and surface finish, minimizing or eliminating the need for machining.

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The Investment Casting Process Steps:

Wax Die

A die is used to produce a positive representation of the part. Dies can be made so the final part has little to no draft. Holes and cavities can be casted in, minimizing or eliminating machining

Wax Pressure

Wax is injected into the die under high pressure

Wax Positive

The wax positive is removed from the die


A tree is assembled by attaching the wax positives

Tree Dipped

The trees are dipped into a ceramic solution several times to build up a hard ceramic shell


The trees are dewaxed in an autoclave under pressure. Then the trees, now shells, are heated in a kiln in preparation for metal pouring


The appropriate metal alloy is poured into the shell’s cavity


The metal and shell is allowed to cool to room temperature


The shell is broken away and the parts are cut off the tree

Investment castings hold tight tolerances and finer finishes vs sand castings

Our Investment Casting Capabilities

  • Order quantity one to thousands
  • Casting weight up to 35 pounds
  • Casting Size 18″ square maximum
  • Tolerances +/- 0.005″
  • Finish RMS 200 or better
  • Ceramic cores available if required
  • Contact us for lead times

Prototyping available through a wax 3D printing process.

Let Brost Foundry Company help you save time and money by eliminate machining through Investment Casting. Our team of account manager are ready to help.

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